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April 2018 Messenger Onlineb.pdf
March 2018 Messenger Onlinea.pdf
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Jan 2018 Messenger Online.pdf

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ARCHIVES: Dec 2017 Messenger Online.pdf
Nov 2017 Messenger Onlinea.pdf
Oct 2017 Messenger Online.pdf
Sept 2017 Messenger Online.pdf
Aug 2017 Messenger Onlinea.pdf
July 2017 Messenger Online.pdf
Patriotic Tribute to Leroy Elliott_2017.pdf
June 2017 Messenger Online.pdf
May 2017 Messenger Online.pdf
April 2017 Messenger Online.pdf
Mar 2017 Messenger Online.pdf
Feb 2017 Messenger Online.pdf
Jan 2017 Messenger Online.pdf

Dec 2016 Messenger Online.pdf
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Feb 2016 Messenger Online.pdf
Jan 2016 Messenger Online.pdf

Dec 2015 Messenger Onlinea.pdf
Nov 2015 Messenger Onlinea.pdf
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Planned Parenthood.pdf
August 2015 Messenger Online.pdf
July 2015 Messenger Online.pdf
2015 VBS Report.pdf
June 2015 Messenger Online2.pdf
May 2015 Messenger Onlinea.pdf
April 2015 Messenger Online.pdf
March 2015 Messenger Online_a.pdf
Feb 2015 Messenger Onlinea.pdf
Jan 2015 Messenger Online.pdf


Help in obtaining and installing the Acrobat Reader

The newsletter is stored in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). To view these files, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded on your computer. The forms can be printed from the PDF files to your printer, but many of the forms have tabs that go to the edge of the paper, which most printers can't print. In order to print the tabs, you should check the box marked "size to fit" in the print dialog box. This will slightly reduce the scale to allow for the tabs.

To view and print a PDF file you must have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3. or later loaded on your computer.

Version 3 of the Acrobat Reader provides a major improvement over previous releases of the software. When installed as a plug-in to your browser, it gives you one page-at-a-time delivery of pdf files and lets you use cross-document linking (bookmarks and internal document links). You no longer have to wait for the complete document to load before you can use it. The plug-in displays the PDF document inside the Netscape or Internet Explorer (see note below) window rather than in a separate application.

To install the Acrobat Reader as a plug in, make sure Netscape 3.0 (or higher) or Internet Explorer 3.0 (or higher) is installed first, then install the Acrobat Reader. Remove any existing application definition for PDF files and close your browser. When you restart the browser, it will recognize the Reader as a plug-in.

To download a FREE Acrobat reader, select the link below to connect to Adobe's web site.

NOTE: Some versions of Internet Explorer will not work properly with Acrobat Reader 3.01. Version 3.02 has corrected this problem. If you are unable to view PDF files in Internet Explorer, download the latest version and the problem will be resolved.

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