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Welcome to the “Lighthouse Kids’ Klub”! We are delighted to offer this Bible-based, exciting, and fun-filled children’s Bible curriculum. This 52-week program focuses on Bible memorization and encourages/rewards faithful Sunday School attendance, personal daily Bible reading and prayer.

The classes will be divided into three different age levels:

Preschool (ages 3-Kindergarten), led by Melanie & Scott Crump
Primary (1st-3rd grades), led by Charity Ramey
Junior (4th-6th grades), led by Homer Bowden & Glenda Foust

All age levels study the same material each week, in increasing depth for the higher levels. Through the first year, the class will study Creation through David’s early years as king. During the second year, they will cover the latter part of David’s life to the life of Christ. In the third year, they will study the rest of the New Testament. Over the course of the nine-year program, the students will study through the Bible three times, resulting in a thorough understanding of what the Bible teaches.

Throughout the student books, there are opportunities for the children to earn stickers in the preschool classes and badges in the primary and junior classes. Preschool stickers are attached in the student books, and primary and junior badges can be attached to uniform vests.

In the primary (Fisherman) and junior (Wisdom) student handbooks, the children will have a Bible-reading assignment for each week that divides into daily readings with simple questions to answer. Badges will be earned based on completed daily readings/questions answered, Scripture memory verses, completed class activities, faithful Kids’ Klub attendance and faithful Sunday School attendance.

We will begin each Wednesday evening at 6:45 pm with pledges & prayer requests. At 7:00 we will go to our classrooms for our Bible lesson & handbook activities. At approximately 7:45 classes will end with light refreshments. All children should be picked up by 8:00 pm.

We offer church van transportation for anyone needing this service. We have a growing Teen Class (ages 13-19) and your teen is welcome to attend!  We are honored to minister to your children!

In addition, we would like to thank all the young people who have remained faithful to the Smith Grove Bible Club program!  It is a blessing to see them truly growing in their relationships with the Lord!

Many thanks also to the parents who send their youngsters our way -- we don't take lightly our responsibility to you and your children.  Thank you, Bible Club parents, for your trust and support!
We are thankful to God for the opportunity to minister in the Bible Clubs, and we deeply appreciate the support and willingness of the leaders who are faithfully serving each week -- without them and the sacrifice of their time, our program would not succeed.  Together, we are looking forward to a fun-filled time of learning, growing, and strengthening our walks with God.        

              .........The Smith Grove Baptist Church Youth Leaders


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