Words of Wisdom for the Journey
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10 Ways To Maintain A Close Relationship With God

  • Obey His commandments fully

  • Reflect on God's promises

  • Become an effective witness

  • Refuse to give the devil a foothold

  • Seek God's answer to all concerns

  • Develop your abilities by serving God

  • Make spiritual growth your top priority

  • Encourage others to grow closer to God

  • Search for opportunities to share you faith

  • Spend time daily reading the Bible and praying

7 Ways I Can Be Faithful

  • By living above reproach

  • By doing my best at work

  • By sharing the love of Jesus

  • By teaching others about God

  • By being a model in my giving

  • By setting an example in my home

  • By working in my church's ministries

How To Act Righteously

  • By obeying God's commandments

  • By seeking to influence others positively

  • By responding to others as Jesus would

  • By trusting Jesus as my Lord and Savior

  • By fulfilling my God-given role in my family

  • By living according to God's will for my life

  • By meeting others needs in Christ's name

  • By focusing every thought on godly principles

  • By taking a godly public stand on moral issues

  • By speaking and acting in ways that honor God

How To Know God Is In Control

  • By reading the Bible

  • By trusting in His loving care

  • By observing the validation of His truths

  • By acknowledging God's unlimited power

  • By knowing God always acts consistently

  • By spending time daily in prayer with Him

  • By understanding both the freedom and limitations God has given to us

7 Ways God Meets Needs

  • By providing salvation through Jesus

  • By encouraging me through the Bible

  • By helping me to develop relationships

  • By giving me abilities, talents, and gifts

  • By presenting me with the necessary resources

  • By providing opportunities for me to assist others

  • By inspiring me to trust His promises of provision

The ABCs Of Resisting Satan

  • Acknowledge Satan's limited power

  • Build an intimate relationship with the Lord

  • Commit your life to following God's will

  • Depend on God's Holy Spirit for strength

  • Elect to focus on eternal matters

  • Flee from temptation

  • Get more involved in sharing your faith

Ways To Defeat Satan In Your Life

  • By committing myself to God - totally

  • By sharing my faith with others - daily

  • By honoring God in all I do - perpetually

  • By following God's will for my life - completely

  • By refusing to compromise God's standards - ever

  • By trusting that God will do the best for me - always

  • By refusing to comply with satan's wishes - immediately

The ABCs Of Living Differently

You can live differently from others by...

  • Allowing God to control your thoughts

  • Blessing others because of how you live

  • Changing attitudes and actions to those that bring honor to God

  • Defining right by God's standards

  • Evangelizing family, friends, and acquaintances

  • Focusing on God's standards--not the world's

  • Giving to others as God has given to you


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